Hamentashen Crawl 2018


There is nothing better than a holiday oriented baked treat.  

As Jewish people we love to eat! On Purim specifically we, especially us at TevahMedia,  look forward to the wonderous cookie that is the Hamentaschen!

What could be better than a delicious delicacy filled with whatever you dream of?

Not much!


You may be wondering who the “we” is.

The we on this trek is none other than TevahMedia CEO and founder Noah Morris and his awesome foodie sister Jessica. Jessica happens to be a holiday baked food connoisseur, sometimes referred to as the “Donut Queen”, who has recently joined the TevahMedia team and was excited to start by doing a bit of research.

These three cornered cookies actually have a fascinating history:

A German poppy pocket cookie popular in the 19th century became a Purim time treat as it was called a Mohntaschen (sounds like Haman) and it just evolved from there. Other popular opinions are that Haman wore a hat or even that Haman Tash (Haman was weakened!).

We have come far since the days of the  poppy flavor, although most bakeries still offer this for the purists at heart. Nowadays with the evolvement of Kosher Foodies,  the options are basically endless.

Since Hamantashen are such an important part of Purim, we decided to do our Community the great favor of taste testing all the Hamentaschen that are under the supervision of the Vaad Harabonim of Queens (or at least the ones actually in Queens).  It was difficult at times but we persevered and ate an alarming amount in a four hour time period.

Your welcome.

Below is a list of the delicious offerings for the joyous holiday of Purim 2018 in Queens:

Alan’s Bake Shop:


Offering: prune, poppy, raspberry, apricot, and chocolate.


Our Take:The jelly at this establishment was top notch and we found the dough soft but not too crumbly! A top contender for us.

Aron’s Kissena Farm:

Offering: Cheese (dairy), raspberry, apricot, prune, poppy, sugar free  (!) and for the fancy white and regular chocolate dipped (these are $11.99 a package but for a Freilichin Purim it might be worth it).

Our Take: These were soft and filling so you cant eat so many in one sitting (which may be a blessing in disguise) the assortment of jelly was also good.

Avraham Bakery:


Offering: raspberry, apricot, prune and poppy (some feature a powdered sugar coating making them look like a lovely gift!


Our Take:  We tasted the huge jelly ones and they were crunchy and crispy on the outside and very doughy on the inside. This is also where we learnt that the better jelly to dough ratio is in the smaller hamentaschen. When you have full mouthfulls of even the moistest dough you still need a drink to help it down.

Bagels and Co:


Offering: poppy, apricot and raspberry flavors.


Our Take: This dough was very fruity flavored and soft which made them unique and the poppy flavor was the best *says our poppy taster Noah (this flavor is not for everyone).


King David Bakery:

This old world style bakery featured the brick oven round oil bread that comes in sweet or savory.


They also offer packaged hamentaschen but we werent about to start with those.



 Levy’s Bakery:

This gem in Forest Hills had one of our favorites!

Offering: the classics (apricot, raspberry, prune, and poppy) this dough was moist, fruity, and held together well. We recommend the apricot!


Queens Pita Bakery:  

This bakery is very well known outside of our borough so we had to sample them all!


Offering: the classics in regular size and large.


Our Take: This dough was firm but moist and delicious but had a slight crispiness to it which made it unique, they had large ones here too but we learnt our lesson after the mouth drought of Main Street.


The variety here was unbelievable!

Offering: On the individual racks they sold a  classic (read: drier) version of the classic flavors. Moving over to the bakery wall you will find a full line of original amazing flavors with a soft delicious cookie as well. Those come in: Raspberry, poppy, prune, apricot, rosemary chocolate, caramel (the only caramel Hamentaschen we found on our tour) and apple (they were out of these the day we went but certainly sound amazing).

Our Take:These were incredibly addicting and we are still eating them…

Yosef Kosher Bakery:

Offering: Poppy. Apricot and Raspberry all large size (we didn’t see any regular size ones).

Our Take: The jelly was really the star of this show.




We powered through this tour to give you all the information we know you need and our stomachs truly thank you. We also found some true gems here in Queens. Our favorites were definitely Levys, Alans, and Seasons.   We are fortunate to have so many wonderful bakeries locally for our Purim Celebrations this year.

A Freilichin Purim to all!